Beth's Halloween Online Photo Competition - Open to all pets

Thank you for entering our Halloween competition.  We truely appreciate your support!  You have helped to raise an amazing £1717!!!  A huge "Thank You" to each and every one of you!

The judges found it extrememly hard choosing their winners - please remember you are all winners for entering and we all take the best pets home!  So sorry that not everyone could be placed :-( 

If you have been lucky enough to win a rosette please e-mail your address to if you havent done so already.  I will try and get all rosettes sent ASAP.  If you would like to contribute towards P&P please send a donation via Paypal to 

We hope to run another show soon, so please keep a look ot!  We hope that you will all join us again with the next show.

Thank you all once again xx
Good Luck Everyone!!
Our Best supporter (Most photos sent) will win a wonderful print of one beloved pet onto A3 canvas in a style of their choice!  
1. Little Devils (Handsome Boy) - Kindly Sponsored by Ludo the Assistance Dog (151 photos)  
2. Little Vampress (Prettiest Girl) - Kindly sponsored by  (149 Photos)
3. Hubble Bubble I'm in trouble! (photo’s of animals getting up to mischief) - kindly sponsored by Annette & Juke Dunbar (GSRS) (81 Photos)
4. Little Pumpkins (Animals up to 12 months) - Kindly sponsored by Ronnie & Nathan Mayo (94 Photos)
5. Freeky-Tastic (Halloween themed Fancy Dress) - Kindly sponsored by Amanda Shields (71 Photos) 
6. Wise Wizards (Veteran’s – 7yrs +) - Kindly Sponsored by Connie Lavis (59 Photos) 

7. Ghouls n Goblins (More than one animal) (100 Photos) 
8. BOO! (Funny Faces) - (128 Photos) Kindly sponsored by 
  • 9. Thriller!! (Best Rescue) - Kindly sponsored by Bob and Maggie Baudrey (77 Photos)  
    10. Shooting Star (Loved and Lost) - Kindly Sponsored by Simba (78 Photos)
    11. Spooktacular (Wildlife/Scenic photos) Kindly Sponsored by Debbie Galvani (132 Photos) 
  • 12. Fright night (Sleeping pets) - Kindly Sponsored by Kizzie & Ronnie (121 Photos) 
    13.Warts n all (Anything Goes) Kindly Sponsored by Debbie Galvani (171 Photos) 
  • 14. Beth's Memorial Class (German Shepherds/GSD X Only) Favourite Photo - Kindly sponsored by Mr Magic the mini assistance dog (50 Photos)
    15. Beth's Memorial Class (Open to all Pets) Favourite photo - Kindly sponsored in memory of Zak (224 Photos) 
    David's Choice
     Gemma's Choice

    RESERVE SUPPORTERS - Due to a tie on entries there are now 7 winners
    Elizabeth Homan-Smith
    Emma Wood
    Karen Baudrey
    Debbie Galvani
    Emma West
    Jeanette Rowsell
    Verity Edwin-Camp

    Our A4 portrait has been won by....Steff Mortlock - Well Done!!
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